Just got back from Monty Python Live (mostly) and it was fucking AMAZING. Really. So, so good. Though it did feel a bit like the Eric Idle show at times (not that I mind; he’s my favorite), it was really well put together and fantastically executed. I loved that John Cleese was directly involved in nearly every fuckup/breaking character moment, cheeky bastard. But did anyone else notice and get sad about the fact that Terry Jones was in the background for most of the show and when he was featured in a sketch he seemed to be reading all of his lines from cards/props? :(

Either way, really glad I got to see it… even if it was in some random theater in the middle of Indiana haha. Monty Python has meant so much to me for my entire life and that was a very important show. Happy, happy day.

Do you need a seventh glass of wine or are you good?
My fiance, to me, just now.

I felt super cute at work today.

Too bad that in my five hour shift I only did $76 in sales…

My nephew turned 2 yesterday.
We were playing with his new Jeep. :)

My nephew turned 2 yesterday.

We were playing with his new Jeep. :)

There’s a fire station down the street from where I lived as a child, and in the summertime the firemen all sit outside the station in their uniforms on this little porch thing. My mom used to put me and my sister in the car and drive back and forth in front of the fire station shouting out the windows, “MY KIDS NEED A DADDY, WHO WANTS TO BE THEIR NEW DADDY?” and it was pretty much the funniest thing in the world.

This is a rant about weddings.

Feel free to ignore, but I’ve got to get this out somewhere or I’m going to start punching walls.

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I was listening to “They Might Be Giants” radio on Pandora at work today and, in addition to all of the TMBG goodness, I got to hear two different versions of “Still Alive” and some songs by Weird Al while ON THE CLOCK and that makes me super fucking happy okay.

Awh, so you can unfriend me on all of social media but you can’t find the time or energy to have a grownup conversation with me?

Maybe if you took the time to listen to people who are actively trying to tell you something and APPLIED IT instead of shutting people out, you’d be a much happier person.

Happiness starts with accountability.


You’re a coward.

Post-wedding karaoke with my amazing fiance. :)

(please note how goddamn cute my fucking outfit was)

Marriage equality is FINALLY a thing here in Indiana, so last night my very best friend Matt was able to marry his fiance Steve. :)

Even better, my fiance is legally ordained and was able to officiate the ceremony. So much love, so much joy, so much happiness! So happy for these boys, so delighted to be involved in such a huge milestone for them, and so, so proud to be engaged to such a sweet, loving, open-minded man.

Life is good.